Our Services


Customer Service

The needs of our customers are what we are focused on at TTM. Customer service is a simple and complex task at the same time for any company. At TTM, we are on call for any question or concern our customer partners have. We have a national network of warehouse space to make distribution easy. Our sales and administrative staff are energetic and sincere about the needs our customers. That is the simple part.

Customer service becomes more refined when you get to know your customer base. What are the order patterns? When does a product line need to be revamped and updated? The extra time we spend with our clients allow us to know what is important to them, and to anticipate their needs before they ask us.

Design and Innovation

The greatest satisfaction we have as a company is when we can collaborate with a customer on a new packaging design for their products. We know what a new fresh package will do for a food product. We have in house design engineering and 3D print prototyping to help get projects off the ground quickly. Our design presentation will allow you to “wow” your retailers with professional materials. Thermoformed packaging has come a long way in the past 5 years. The food industry has been on the forefront of this innovation change. Do not be left behind. Let TTM’s design focus make your products stand out on the shelf.