Thermosource Tooling and Manufacturing

TTM’s philosophy is to design the package around the food and to collaborate with our partners to build a packaging identity that is in alignment with our customers brand identity.

  • We are an integrated design and manufacturing company.
  • For over 15 years we have designed iconic packaging for the retail, grocery and restaurant industry.
  • We offer a full line of stock products that is growing every month.
  • If we don’t have the size or specification you are looking for we can create a custom design for you.
What we do

Packaging Your Ideas

Customer Focused

At TTM, we believe that the best way to gain a customer’s business is to be as honest and professional as possible. We want to understand what our customers are trying to accomplish with their products, and see how innovative design and function can help them dominate their category. Our customers are given the advantage of forward design presentation that brings their products to life. Our goal is to make you and your products shine!

Design Expertise

TTM is a full fledge force in the packaging design world. We have designed thermoformed products for the biggest processors and retailers in the world. With our onsite 3D printer, our design team will quickly get a project started. Once approved, our tool making capacity and expertise allows us to deliver large scale production parts at aggressive costing with little to no tooling investment. We want to package your ideas. Let us give it a go!

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